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“Can you help?”

Believe it or not, DIG gets many requests like this. Someone wants to find their high school sweetheart, thank the guy who appeared out of the blue and saved their life, reconnect with a long ago coworker from a foreign country, locate an unknown person in a photograph, or find a relative’s child given up for adoption.  The answer to the question of “Can you help?” is always….”It depends.”  While private investigators and genealogists have many resources and tools at their disposal, success often depends on the amount of information known prior to starting the investigation/research. 

When asking a PI or genealogist for help, the more detailed information you can provide, the better the chances they will be able to find the person you are looking for. After you have told your story, you should answer the investigator’s questions as directly as possible, even if you think the answer is not relevant – the investigator is assessing whether they can take on the case and/or trying to determine the path they will take. The investigator has the extra training needed to compile and validate the facts, weed out the [sometimes colorful!] embellishments, and put a plan together for the most efficient course of action.

In some instances, an investigator may not be able to help because of legal or ethical reasons, though they may guide you in a direction you could pursue on your own. If they do take on your case, it is important to recognize that you are paying for an investigator’s time, which is not dependent on a successful outcome. Be aware that hourly rates can run anywhere from $40 – $300 or more, and depending on the complexity of the search, it may take a couple of hours to several days. Be sure to let the investigator know what your budget allows.

DIG has been quite successful in locating people (take a look at some of our case files), in many cases with minimal information. If you are looking for someone, give us a call to discuss options.

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