Is That DNA Match a 1st Cousin, Half-Uncle/Aunt, or Half-Nephew/Niece?

You receive your DNA results and see that there are predicted relationships for each match. The relationship algorithm takes the..

What To Do With Those DNA Results

You’ve taken a DNA test from one of the “big 3” and the results show hundreds of matches rated as..

“I need to find my husband’s sister’s friend who I met 30 years ago overseas.”

“Can you help?” Believe it or not, DIG gets many requests like this. Someone wants to find their high school..

Nonprofits Aren’t Immune to Fraud

Is Your Nonprofit At Risk? In 191 nonprofit cases studied, the average loss due to fraud was $639,000 (Association of..

Is Your Small Business Susceptible to Fraud?

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ 2020 Report to the Nations, businesses with less than 1,000 employees account..

The Language of “Love”

Do you know the red flags of a romance scam? According to the Federal Trade Commission, romance scams have continued..

Know who you are hiring to investigate your case.

A licensed investigator has the education, insurance, and ethics necessary to obtain legal evidence.

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