What We Do

DIG specializes in providing investigation, auditing, and analysis for the detection, deterrence, and prevention of fraud. Cases have included embezzlement, ID fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, worker’s compensation fraud, insurance fraud, bankruptcy fraud/hidden assets.

DIG also provides genealogical services, detailed analyses including statements, handwriting, timelines, crime and injury mapping and diagrams, victim interviews, background checks, and professional multimedia presentations for litigation support.  We pride ourselves in using an intelligent approach, utilizing your budget in the most efficient effective manner possible.

 Services Offered

  • Fraud risk analysis, auditing, investigation
  • Adoption/Missing Person/Estate heir locates
  • Background Checks
  • Statement/Handwriting analysis
  • Timelines, Crime Mapping, Crime scene/injury illustrations and detailed diagrams
  • Professional multimedia presentations as litigation support

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