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“H” wanted to give her sister the gift of finding her father. She enlisted DIG to help find the man who had moved on after parting from “L’s” mother when she was 3 years old. Armed with limited information (dad’s full name, he was in the military, and he looked like Elvis with the raised lip, dark hair, and blue eyes!), DIG performed extensive research using open-source intelligence and paid subscription sources. A yearbook photo was found that matched the descriptors given, though it was from a school clear across the country. Correlating with closed-source information, DIG honed in on three potential candidates. The client’s sister was given this information and decided to call the most likely candidate. When she asked “Are you the person I’m looking for, ” he immediately answered, “Yes,” and the rest is history. DIG was honored to be invited to film the reunion. “L” and her father continue to have a very close relationship to this day.

“What a wonderful journey!! We owe it all to you, Lisa!!! Thank you for going those extra steps!!! Highly recommend!​”; “Thank you Lisa @ Dragon Investigation Group for your determination to find information for us.”

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