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“Lisa not only stepped in to help me find my father’s biological family, she also contacted them as the intermediary in order to ensure confidentiality for all parties involved.

My father did not know he was adopted until he was 18 years old.  He was never told who his biological father was or anything about him.  When my father turned 80, he took a DNA test in the hope of possibly identifying his biological family.  The DNA test came back with a match to his biological sister.  From the DNA results, Lisa was able to help identify multiple members of my father’s biological family which not only included the identity of his deceased father, but also included one living sister, three brothers, and multiple nieces and nephews.  In order to ensure confidentiality for all parties, Lisa reached out directly to the sister to inform her of her unknown biological brother and if she would be interested in direct contact with me (her niece) and ultimately her biological brother.

Fortunately, my aunt was so excited to learn of another brother and a whole other branch of the family tree she didn’t know existed.  My father and his sister talk often, have shared family history and stories, as well as photos.

Because of Lisa’s knowledge and professionalism, the connection was a positive experience for everyone.”

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